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Free Private Mental Health Resource For Your Students

We have created this FREE private mental health resource for your students. As teachers, it is important for us to check in on them.

Why are mental health check-ins important?

The majority of students do not feel comfortable expressing their feelings to anyone on a daily basis, let alone to their teacher. However, as more research and studies are brought to the public eye, we have found that it is increasingly important for teachers to make the effort to check in on their students mental health. A students’ smile can be a great distraction and cover up what is going on inside, allowing students to bury their feelings.

You may have a student with low grades and nothing you try gets through to them. Instead of getting frustrated by the lack of effort you see, try to view it from their perspective. Mostly likely they do no feel comfortable discussing what they are dealing with, and there is more than meets the eye. This is why we made these mental health check-in sheets. It’s a quick and private way to make sure your students are doing well mentally and emotionally.

How can your students use this resource?

Your students can use these mental health check-in sheets privately. These sheets can be distributed in any way you see fit, however we have a couple of ideas. You could hand a few to each student at the beginning of the year or leave a packet of them on the bulletin board for students to fill out whenever they need. This ensures that no student feels ashamed or embarrassed when they want to fill one out. They can just secretly grab one from their binder or bin and let you know they need you.

You can use these free mental health check-in sheets in a few different ways including horizontal/vertical full page and/or horizontal/vertical half page.  Our preference is to use the half-page sheets, however how you chose to use this freebie is up to you. We’ve also included a version that incorporates zones of regulation; students can identify what zone they are in on their check-in sheet.

Students can complete their private mental health check-in on the printable handouts or digitally online. This freebie provides a digital template in which the teacher can post on their google classroom. Students can then make a copy of the template, fill it in, and email it to their teacher. The digital version is great for distance learning. Even though the teachers and students are not in the same room, this gives the teachers the ability to still understand how their students feel and what struggles they might be going through currently.

Who can use this private mental health check-in?

This mental health resource is easily adaptable for students of different ages and abilities and works well for elementary and junior high students in grades 3-8. 

Want to download this free resource?

Click here to be taken to our teachers pay teachers website.

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