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How To Write A Letter Of Invitation In 4 EASY Steps!

Our “How To Write A Letter Of Invitation!” resource is a GREAT way for you to help your students learn the skill of writing letters of invitation. 

Ways The Resource Can Be Used

1. Handwritten Letters (printable format):

  • Have students write a letter with good old-fashioned pencil and paper.

2. Typed Letters (digital format):

  • Have students use google slides to complete their letter writing.  This can be linked and shared on google classroom for students and teachers to better manage their digital work.

What Is Included In This Resource

  1. Resource Title Page
  2. Resource Information
  3. Digital Resource Links
  4. Step 1 – Brainstorm
  5. Step 2 – Rough Draft with multiple differentiated worksheets to suit all learners
  6. Step 3 – Edit & Revise with multiple differentiated worksheets to suit all learners
  7. Step 4 – Final Draft with multiple differentiated worksheets to suit all learners
  8. More Resources
  9. Credits & Thank You

This resource is lesson #3 of a complete letter-writing unit, which includes a variety of letter writing lessons of various formats, including (Formal Letters, Informal Letters, Love/Friendship Letters and Thank You Letters).

Who Can Use This Guide

This resource can be easily adapted for students of different ages and abilities (it is differentiated in 3 different formats per step) and works well as a writing activity for elementary students in grades 3-6. 

The suggested time limit is a minimum of 30 minutes per step (4 steps in this letter writing guide) depending on the age and independence of your students.


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