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Raven Rambler Jan 25-29

Dear grade four families,

Coming Up & Due Dates…
  • Division Professional Learning Day (NO SCHOOL) – Jan 29
  • Parent-Teacher Interviews – Feb 10 & 11
  • PLF #8 (NO SCHOOL) – Feb 12
  • Family Day (NO SCHOOL) – Feb 15
  • Teacher’s Convention (NO SCHOOL) – Feb 22-26 (week off)
  • Term 2 Report Cards Go Home – Mar 19
Parent Info. & Thank You

Hello Parents!

I am in the middle of testing students reading levels again over the past week and the coming week to get ready for Parent-Teacher Interviews Feb 10 & 11. Students are always really excited to do these tests as they want to improve their ability to read fluently, comprehend and think beyond the text.

I will be starting a new form of reading log this coming week (to replace the one we have on google classroom) for students to complete and bring in to me every monday to earn their “OH SNAP!” points. This is due to low activity on their online reading logs so I think a paper version will be better to log and track.

Reading every night for 20 mins 5x a week is their assigned homework in grade 4 (as well as Mathletics 3x a week, and their words their way sorts for 10-15 minutes every night), they truly need to make this a priority at home in order to continue to progress in their literacy, comprehension, spelling, and numeracy.


Pink Group will be working through the following (Unit 2):

  • 4-Digit Numbers
  • Estimating Differences
  • Subtracting 3-Digit & 4-Digit Numbers
  • Solving Addition & Subtraction Problems

Purple Group will be working through the following (Unit 3):

  • Using Skip Counting to Multiply
  • Other Strategies for Multiplying
  • Using Patterns in a Multiplication Chart
  • Using Arrays to Divide
  • Relating Multiplication and Division
  • Dividing by Numbers 1 to 9
  • Posing and Solving Problems

Green Group will be working through the following (Unit 8):

  • Exploring Multiplication Patterns
  • Estimating Products
  • Using Models to Multiply
  • Other Strategies for Multiplication
  • Using Patterns to Multiply

Blue Group will be working through the following (Unit 8):

  • Using Patterns to Multiply
  • Multiplying a 3-Digit Number by a 1-Digit Number
  • Estimating Quotients
  • Division with Remainders
  • Using Base Ten Blocks to Divide
  • Another Strategy for Division
Language Arts
  • Writing: This week we will spend 30 minutes a day on Journal Writing & Editing focusing on only 1 topic per week for the next few weeks. This weeks topic is “The Perfect Pet”.
  • Spelling: Students are working on spelling and building their vocabulary with the Words Their Way Program and our new Vocabulary Passport.  Students will be tested on their words at the end of every week, so it is necessary they practice their word sorts daily in school and at home in order to keep progressing through the levels.
  • Grammar: Students will be working on sentence structure, simple vs. complex sentences, complete sentences vs. fragments, and proper paragraphs (including a topic sentence, 3 supporting sentences, and a conclusion paragraph)
  • Reading Comprehension: Students are continuing the novel study Frindle, this week they will complete “The Ultimate Prank” and read chapters 6-10 paired with vocabulary and comprehension work.
  • Reading Practice: D.E.A.R (Drop Everything And Read) from 2:15-2:35 everyday we will do silent reading in class. Students at reading levels J-M will be receiving targeted literacy support during this time.
Social Studies

Social Studies/Art this week will be finishing the topographic maps of Alberta we made out of salt dough in December. Finally!!! haha 🙂


This week students will be finishing learning about simple machines: Inclined Planes & Wedges, Fixed & Moveable Pulleys, Levers & Medieval Levers, and Forces (Contact vs. Non-Contact).

The Rube Goldberg Machine Assignment is due Monday, February 1st either written/drawn out or in video format for us to present in class on the Monday. Students are aware of the expectations with this assignment, handing in assignments done to the best of their ability and on time is a life & leadership skill which is important to value as they progress through school.


In Health this week we will be continuing our unit on relationships focusing on:

  • Friendship
  • Decisions, Decisions
  • Learning From Life
  • Goal Setting
Leader in Me

Habit #3 – Put First Things First! 

In Habit #3 – Put First Things First, we will be continuing to practice these skills this month:

  1. Prioritize – Leaders learn to prioritize and do the most important things first.
  2. Say No to Less Important Things – Saying no to less important things gives you time to focus on the important things in your life and what really matters.
  3. Roles & Goals – You play many roles – son or daughter, student, team member, friend, sibling, class leader, and more! With each role you have important things to do! Use your skills of prioritizing and saying no to less important things to help you thrive in each of your roles.
  4. Organization – Organized leaders are efficient; they are able to do more with their same amount of time.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  You can send me a message on Remind or send me an e-mail.


Ms. G

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