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Raven Rambler Oct. 19-23

Ms. Guilbeau’s Grade 4O Class Newsletter

Dear grade four families,

Coming Up & Due Dates…
  • Halloween Parade – Oct 29 (Please wear your costumes, no weapons or full face masks please (we need to see who you are))
  • ATA Institute Day (NO SCHOOL) – Oct 30
  • Parent-Teacher Interview Night – Nov 9 (My Birthday! LOL) from 5-8pm
  • Parent-Teacher Interview Night – Nov 10 from 3-6pm
  • Remembrance Day (NO SCHOOL) – Nov 11
  • PLF #4 (NO SCHOOL) – Nov 20
  • Day in Lieu PTI (NO SCHOOL) – Nov 23 (This is a day teachers get off because of all the hours they work overtime for Parent-Teacher Interviews, we get them twice a year because PTIs happen twice a year.)
  • Report Card #1 (go home) – Nov 27
Parents/Thank You

Thank you parents for all signing up for remind! We almost have everyone on there. I use it as my main form of communication so it is important that we are all trying to check it and keep up with it.

I am happy to say that I have fully assessed all your children in numeracy and literacy (math/reading/writing/spelling) and figured out the best way to help them in their individual and class needs this school year. Our goal is to work together as teachers and parents to help them progress in their learning, become more independent problem solvers, and overall happy, confident human beings so they can succeed in the future when they leave my class and go into higher grades.

One thing I must say is that your children are all amazing and I am blessed to teach them and get to know them this year! 🙂

Trends I am seeing this year is a lot of dependant learning behaviour which is not a bad thing at this age however it takes up a lot of a parent or teachers time with little things that they could be learning to solve on their own. This is the stage of development they are at and also majorly due to the fact that when they were at home during COVID-19 isolation they were being told everything they needed to do (by their teachers & amazing parents who put in some very long hours), having constant support, and thus bringing down the amount of practice they would have at problem solving & independence in their daily lives. It’s all good and there is no need to worry, since the start of school I have seen their independence grow tremendously, however we still have work to do on this skill.

But what can we do to help them become more independent? Here are a few ideas that you can implement or not, totally up to you, to help everyone become their most independent, confident, and capable selves:

  • They can pack their own lunch & be responsible for making sure it is ready the night before
  • They can have chores at home that is completely their job to do every week to help the household
  • They could be in charge of dividing up the family chores and making sure all the jobs get done (kids love checklists and “being the boss” so this is a fun one for everyone)
  • They could be in charge of reading the family a night time story & logging it into their reading log (woo! Two birds – 1 stone! Nightly reading & reading log done & independent leadership!)
  • They could teach the family how to log in and out of google classroom
  • They could teach the family how to fill in their reading log
  • If they are having an issue with their tech (reading log, signing in etc) we could ask questions like “Well can you show me the steps to signing in?”, “What does that button do in the corner? Can you remember?” instead of doing it for them. It takes a bit of patience for us adults to get them to figure things out on their own however, after the first few times of being patient and waiting for them to figure it out, they discover what they are really capable of and it helps them to become more confident & independent.
  • If you find that everyone always forgets a certain task in the home (ie. taking out the garbage, making sure homework is done etc.), make them the captain of that job to help them remember and instill leadership qualities in them.

These are just some ideas. Take it or leave it, completely your choice. 🙂

However, if you do decide to implement one of these ideas or found a way to help encourage independence in your home, leave a comment down below to share with others in the class! 🙂


Students are finishing up Unit 1: Patterns and Equations.

I have signed students up for mathletics and will be assigning them tasks to do on there. It is good to have them go on there for 10-20 minutes a few times a week to encourage math in the home! I will be emailing you your child’s mathletics log on in the next day or so.

We love math in our class, it is fun and filled with exploration and games. We want to be math geniuses by the end of the year!

Language Arts
  • Journalling: For this week and next, we spend 45 minutes writing about halloween topics. This week we are writing two paragraphs. “If my teacher turned into a witch…” and “If my principal turned into Frankenstein…”.
  • Grammar: Focus on punctuation, complete sentences, nouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, and past, present, and future tense.
  • Spelling: Students are working on spelling and building their vocabulary with the Words Their Way Program.  Students will be tested on their words at the end of every week, receiving new words on the following Monday.
  • If you are confused about how to practice the Words Their Way Program with your child (if you are doing home learning, at sometime during the year), watch these helpful videos below.
  • Words Their Way Video #1
  • Words Their Way Video #2
  • There word sorts for the week are all posted on google classroom for you.
  • Reading Comprehension: This week we have been working on a story called “Yellowstone National Park”. Every day they complete 4 response questions about the text either as a class (Monday), in partners (Tuesday & Wednesday), independently (Thursday), and tested on Friday. In this weeks story we learned about Geysers! Woah, super cool stuff! Watch this video with your family to learn about Geysers:
Social Studies
  • Students are currently working on mapping. We have learned about legends and will be creating our own make believe maps this week and next to demonstrate our knowledge of maps and legends.
  • Students are currently working on Waste and Our World. We are learning about different types of waste. They are very passionate about this topic.
  • This week we are learning about decay and decomposers. Here is an excellent video you & your family can watch on the topic & discuss.
  • At the end of the week we will be making decomposer posters!
Leader in Me

We are working on Habit #2 – Begin with the End in Mind! We are learning that:

  • We needed to center our life around principles. Principles are timeless and universal such as: honesty, fairness, respect, and responsibility.
  • We need to set goals. Most leaders have many goals they want to pursue, yet wise leaders know that some goals are more important than others.
  • Make a plan. Leaders who begin with the end in mind know it is not enough to just have goals, but they must also need a plan in order to get there.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  You can send me a message on Remind or send an e-mail to

I can’t believe it is halfway through October already, this is so exciting! Please wear your Halloween costume to school next week (Oct. 29, 2020). Also please leave a comment below about what your family is doing to become more independent learners! 🙂


Ms. G

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