Raven Rambler Oct 5-9, 2020

Ms. Guilbeau’s Class

4O Newsletter

Dear grade four families,

Coming Up & Due Dates…
  • Thanksgiving Monday NO SCHOOL – Oct 12
  • ATA Institute Day NO SCHOOL – Oct 30
Parents/Thank You
  • Thank you parents for all your hard work at home learning with your child when they are off of school due to isolation or when they are sick. It is very important that they keep up with their learning as we are still trying to address the learning gaps from March to June of 2020. Starting next week you will be emailed your child’s log on to Google Classroom/Gmail so you can keep up with their learning through that online platform instead of me emailing the zipped files to you every Monday.
  • So far progress among the class has been steady and consistent and our independent focus is already much better than it was only a few weeks ago! Very well done students!

Students are continuing to learn Unit 1: Patterns and Equations

Students must keep practicing their addition and subtraction facts. If they are doing extra learning at home after school, that is a top priority to focus on as we need to be able to do quick mental math for our next math units.

  • 9 + 9 (all addition facts up to 9 + 9)
  • 18 – 9 (all subtraction facts related to addition facts)
  • Here are some websites to help practice fact fluency.
Language Arts
  • Journalling: We journal 30-45 minutes every morning with a topic topic each day. Make Believe Monday, Top Ten Tuesday, Words of Wisdom Wednesday, My Thoughts Thursday, and Flashback Friday. At the end of journaling time, I choose 3-6 students at random (rotating who is chosen) to present what they wrote to the class.
  • Grammar: Focus on punctuation, complete sentences, nouns, verbs, and adverbs.
  • Spelling: Students are working on spelling and building their vocabulary with the Words Their Way Program.  Students will be tested on their words at the end of every week, receiving new words on the following Monday.
  • If you are confused about how to practice the Words Their Way Program with your child (if you are doing home learning, at sometime during the year), watch these helpful videos below.
  • Words Their Way Video #1
  • Words Their Way Video #2
  • Reading: I am currently testing students on their reading.  So far all students have maintained the same reading level as last year.
  • Reading Comprehension: This week we have been working on a story called “Where Do Bugs Go In The Winter”. Every day they complete 4 response questions about the text either as a class (Monday), in partners (Tuesday & Wednesday), independently (Thursday), and tested on Friday.
Social Studies
  • Students are currently working on mapping & understanding the map of Canada, a globe, a compass, longitude & latitude, and coordinates.
  • Students will be demonstrating their knowledge on this topic by completing a project at the end of the week and completing a test next week.
  • Students are currently working on Waste and Our World. We are learning about different types of waste. They are very passionate about this topic.
  • Please watch these few videos on the topic at home as a family and have a 5-10 minute discussion on the topic.
  • Plant and Animal Waste
  • Biodegradable Waste
  • Toxic Waste
  • Food Waste
  • Recyclable Waste
  • This week we are also learning about decay and decomposers. Here is an excellent video you & your family can watch on the topic & discuss.
Leader in Me
  • Our September Division 2 awards for Phase 1 are based on courage, kindness, and Habit #1 – Being Proactive. These awards will be taking place at 10:45am-11:45am on October 9th, 2020. I will send a link in Remind so you & your family can tune in for our virtual awards assembly! I will send a remind/email to the parents of the 3 students who will be getting an award during this first phase.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  You can send me a message on Remind or send an e-mail to kennedy.guilbeau@fmpsd.ab.ca.

I can’t believe it is October already, this is so exciting! Big things are coming up!


Ms. G

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