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“The District is committed to ensuring every school provides a safe and healthy environment for students and staffs that facilitates health and wellness and promotes healthy lifestyle choices. The promotion of children’s health and well-being, physical activity, and social emotional growth in schools is important to student learning and increased achievement. Health and education are interdependent as healthy students are better learners. A healthy school community is one that supports the wellness of students and staff through the implementation of a comprehensive school health framework that fosters and maintains a health promoting school environment. A healthy school environment provides a consistent message to students, staff and parents by ensuring foods served within the school meet the Alberta Nutrition Guidelines for Children and Youth and promotes physical activity.” – Fort McMurray Public Schools

Please ensure that your child is bringing 80% of their food from the “choose most often” category and the other 20% from the “choose sometimes” category from the Alberta Nutrition Guidelines for Children and Youth.

“Certain rare events in a school may include, for a variety of reasons, involvement of foods from the “Choose Sometimes’ and ‘Choose Least Often’ categories. In communication with parents, a Principal may allow for a specific event to include one ‘Choose Least often’ food (ie. graduation, end of year farewell ceremonies). Food from the ‘Choose Least Often’ category is provided by the school only.” – Fort McMurray Public Schools

Please review these documents with your family so we can all participate in living our healthiest & most actives lives.

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