Mission Statement

In 4O our first week, we worked hard as a class to come up a mission statement that we stand for, align with and that represents us as a whole. This is what we came up with and we agreed upon:

Grade 4O Mission Statement

The mission of our class is that every student has a voice.  We are a family and we will use our different talents and interests to help each other succeed.  We will be outstanding leaders and role models for our school with a plan each day and begin with the end in mind.  A “Can Do” Attitude is a must and we will listen to people without interrupting.

We believe in ourselves and each other.  It makes us happy to see other people happy.  Each morning we will come in with a smile, positive attitude, enough rest, a greeting, and ready to work.  Teamwork is the best for our classroom of leaders.

We will use this mission statement to refer back to our values, work ethic, leadership roles and maintain our sense of community/family within the class throughout the year.

Ms. G

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